Talent Management

Our HR Support

Our comprehensive HR support services provide expertise and guidance in managing employee onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, and more. Focus on your core business while we handle your HR needs efficiently.

Unconventional consulting. Unbelievable workforce results.

Empowering small businesses and solopreneurs to unleash their full potential through strategic talent management expertise.

HR Templates

From newsletters to letters, questionnaires to board meeting agendas, we specialize in creating customizable templates that eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline your HR processes. Maximize efficiency and productivity with our ready-to-use templates for all your business needs.

Job Descriptions & Specifications

From defining job roles and responsibilities to creating comprehensive job descriptions and specifications, we help businesses establish a solid framework for recruitment and performance assessment. With our support, you can confidently build, manage, and grow a successful team.

Team Onboarding

As your team expands and excitement builds, let us handle the essential onboarding tasks. From contracts and inductions to setting up email addresses and system access, we ensure a smooth transition for new members. Say goodbye to administrative burdens and focus on integrating your team.

HR Policies and Manual

Our expert team will develop tailored HR policies and manuals that align with your organization's values, ensuring clarity, compliance, and consistency in your human resources practices. Let us handle the complexities while you focus on building a thriving workplace culture.

Recruitment Support

Beyond crafting a compelling job description, we handle the end-to-end recruitment journey. From advertising the role, screening applications, conducting interviews, and providing candidate feedback, we save you valuable time and effort. You will be glad working with us on all your business recruitment needs.

Employee Training Coordination

From scheduling and logistics to tracking progress, our dedicated team ensures smooth and efficient coordination of employee training programs. Enhance your workforce's skills and knowledge while we handle the details, allowing you to focus on driving growth and productivity.

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