Choose your VA support package for as low as 10 hours a month

VA Services

Enjoy the advantages of a skilled assistant without the heavy expenses associated with an in-house staff member. No need to worry about holiday pay, taxes, national insurance, sick leave, pension contributions, office space, training expenses, software licenses, insurance, or equipment – it's all taken care of.

Retainer Packages

Opt for a retainer package offering a pre-paid, set number of hours per month (with a minimum 3-month commitment), giving you the flexibility to utilize them as required. This ensures predictable monthly budgeting without unexpected costs. Custom retainers can be arranged – reach out to initiate a discussion.

  • Time is meticulously tracked and rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.
  • Please note that unused hours do not carry over to the following week / month.
  • Briefing time is included in the retainer hours.

Mini Marvel

10 hours a month - $150

Delegate those tasks and reclaim your time.

Double Decade

20 hours a month - $280

Tailored, adaptable assistance designed to meet your needs.

Pinnacle Partner

40 hours a month - $540

Customized, all-encompassing support.

Pay as you go - $15 ph

Choosing a pay-as-you-go support plan provides you with the freedom and budgetary control you desire. This spans various services, including administration, copywriting, data entry and human resources.  With this cost-effective approach, you pay only for the specific tasks you require, avoiding long-term commitments. Additionally, it allows for the flexibility to re-allocate resources based on the dynamic needs of your business. In summary, the pay-as-you-go option delivers customized support, optimizing costs, and aligning your operational requirements with your budget.