Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that starting a new service can feel overwhelming. That’s why we have streamlined processes in place to guide you through every step of onboarding with us. We’ll explain the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant, ensuring you have all the answers you need.


Here are answers to our most asked questions

Yes. Our virtual assistant services can be scaled up or down as necessary to match your specific needs.

Depending on the hours you require monthly, Amity Business Services offers virtual assistants for part-time or full-time services.

Working with a Virtual Assistant differs from hiring an in-office employee, as it offers an alternative relationship and support for tasks and projects overflow. Our services cater to clients who desire a different type of support team for their business.

We offer complete customization for our clients, allowing you to choose your preferred mode of communication. Whether it’s phone calls, emails, text messages, or messaging platforms, the choice is yours. We adapt to your communication preferences for seamless collaboration with your virtual assistant team.